In summer 2005 a new mosque in Riga on Brivibas Street 104 was opened. Up to that time the mosque was located in premises on Lienes Street. With the growth of the number of Muslims and some Muslims returning to Islam, finding more spacious premises became necessary. The community managed to find suitable premises and purchase them from their owner. Initially, the premises were not suitable for religious ceremonies, and it took much work and financial contributions from brothers and sisters to make them appropriate. Currently, praise be to Allah, the mosque is the object of pride for the local Muslims, because it makes an important contribution in their current and future lives.

Muslim Sunday school for children

From summer 2010 the building of the Riga mosque houses a Sunday school for children from the age of 4. There are lessons in the Arabic language, Quran studies and studies in the basics of Islam. The classes take place on Saturdays and Sundays, the lessons begin after Zuhr prayer. The studies are offered by the Imam of Latvia Zaher Baradie.