The Islamic Cultural Centre of Latvia (ICCL) disapproves of any terrorist actions and unwarranted violence.

At the same time, the management of the Islamic Centre disapproves of provocation and of deriding the values of believers. Such actions are unacceptable and we request the authorised bodies to take due notice.

Lately, there were numerous attempts in the information space of Latvia to link the ICCL with different foreign organizations and military conflicts.

The ICCL reminds that its task is to provide the Muslims of Latvia with a possibility to fully practice Islam without participating in any unrelated political debates.

The ICCL unites and represents only those Muslims who live in Latvia and belong to the local community.

The ICCL embraces constructive discussion with the Latvian society and hopes that in future the media will cover events related to the ICCL and Islam in Latvia objectively and without prejudice.

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