Project: New Building for the Centre

1. Stage

    • Acquiring the building for the Islamic Cultural Centre of Latvia.
    • After negotiations with representatives of the Islamic Development Bank, a contract for co-financing the project was signed.
    • Search and assessment of building suitable for the project were carried out.
    • Islamic Development Bank.
    • Private individuals.
    • Using financial contributions from the Islamic Development Bank and private sponsors, the amount necessary for purchasing the new building was collected and the building was bought. The address of the new building is 19 Avotu Street.
  • New building on Avotu Street
  • In the courtyard
  • Islamic Development Bank

2. Stage

    • Renovating the acquired building for the Islamic Cultural Centre.
    • Maintaining the adjacent territory.
    • Putting the building in use.
    • Renovation project is ordered.
    • Provisional preparation of the new building’s premises for further renovation is completed.
    • Renovation project has been confirmed, and permission for conducting the works received.
    • The principal set of works according to the project has been commenced.
    • Main renovation works are completed.
    • The adjacent territory has been arranged.
    • Private individuals.
  • Completed
  • Preparing for the renovation
  • Cleaning inside the building
  • Work on the project
  • Young thujas
  • Works on the second floor are in progress
  • New pavement and porch

3. Stage

    • Final decoration of the premises interior.
    • Acquiring furniture and equipment for the new mosque.
    • Final decoration of premises in the new building.
    • Tables and chairs for the study room acquired.
    • Private individuals.
  • Completed
  • Painting the walls
  • New doors
  • Furniture for the study room
  • Carpeting

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